Bat That Rat

Bat That Rat

On this game you will have to bat a rat and make it fly as long as you can
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Bat That Rat is a fun game where you are an old lady that is tired of a rat. You will have to bat the rat to keep it out of your kitchen and make it never come back. The game can be played by anyone, but if you feel sorry for animals then you might not like it very much.
To hit the rats, you will have to hold down the right button of your mouse until you gain full power. When the rat is coming, you just have to release the button and send the rat out of your home. During the game you will win many weapons and items. To shoot them, you only have to click on them. There is some blood on this game. When you bat the rats, they'll fly away, crash a window and get covered with red fake blood. If you're lucky enough, the rat will get through the window and fly a long distance while it bounces on the road. The longest you make it fly the most points (money) you get. When you have a lot of points, you can buy a brat, a baseball bat, a big hammer and many more items to destroy that little animal. The game is great, but I think you will feel sorry when the rat starts to bleed, or to get electrocuted or when it flies on flames.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It's free
  • You can use many weapons to make the rat fly higher


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